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Volume 1, Issue 1 January2020

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1. A Key review on Integration of DG sources in the distribution system and associated power quality problems

Shaik.Aarif and Dr. suresh kumar sudabattula


S.Sundeep, Ch.Dennis Gleeson and Amanbahadur pariyar

3. Combination of ANFIS and PI Based Add-on Controller for Unbalance Voltage Compensation in Low Voltage Micro grid

M.Pallavi, K. Shalini and T.Rekha Sowmyalatha


M. Nageswara Rao, Ch.Jayavardhana Rao, I.Lakshmana Rao and V.S.N.Chaitanya

5. Hybrid Power system with PI and Fuzzy controllers for Suppressing Harmonics and Neutral-Line Current in Three-Phase Four-Wire Distribution Power Systems

D.Narmitha, P.Parvathidevi and T.Swathi

6. Modelling of Switched Reluctance Motor Drive for Electric Vehicle Application

Santhan Kumar Ch, Aishwarya Verma, A. Shanmukha Sai, G. Shirisha, J. Bharath Raj and T. Dileep Kumar

7. Fuzzy Controller Based Single Phase Transformer less Symmetrical Z-Source HERIC Inverter with Reduced Leakage Currents for PV Systems

K. Monika, P. Sathish Kumar

8. Development Of A Psoc Based Quadcopter

Alakananda BG and Dr Venugopal N,

9. Discom Auditing And Technical Loss Reduction Strategy Through Network Reconfifuration

Avinash K, Basavaraj Y and Dr.Venugopal N

10. Industrial area mapping for decadal change assessment using LANDSAT data and Hybrid classification Technique: in parts of YSR kadapa district, Andhra Pradesh, India

Mr. C.Venkata Sudhakar and Prof.G.Umamaheswara Reddy

11. Comparison Of Frequent Itemset Generation Algorithms Apriori And FP Growth

P. Ravi Kumar and T. Milton Karun Kumar

12. An Overview of Fuzzy Computing in Association Analysis

P.likhitha and P.Ravi Kumar

13. A Study On Voting System With Thumb And Iris Verification

T.Saideepthi, P.Kusuma, V.Brahma kumari, SD.sahera banu and P. Santhosh Kumar

14. Optimal Heuristics Node Load-Balancing Clusters In Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

K.Parisuddhababu and D.Syam Kumar

15. A Novel Identification For Trusted Administration For Wireless Network

N Latha Reddy, B Bharathi, T Ramya and A Shailaja

16. Green Alternates to Use & Throw Plastics

Dr. S.V.A.R.Sastry, G Ravi Kishor and M. Sai Tanuja

17. Threats due to Global Warming and the Options available with India

Dr.S.V.A.R.Sastry, Dr.Ch.V.Subba Rao and Ch.Mrudula

18. Risks to Ecosystems due to Climate change

Dr.S.V.A.R.Sastry, Dr.B.Sarva Rao and S.Tejasree

19. Changes in energy consumption patterns – A case study of China and India

Dr. S.V.A.R.Sastry, D.V.Padma and P. N. Soundharya

20. Energy and Environment – Sustainability Issues

Dr.S.V.A.R.Sastry, R.Hemalatha and C.Swetha Sree

21. Energy and Material flow in Ecosystems

Dr.S.V.A.R.Sastry, G.Ravi Kishor and K.Yajitha

22. Study On Charactarisation Of Aisi 316l Stainless Steel Under Helium Ion Implantation At Various Energy Levels

N.Balasubramanyam , B.Raghavendra Prasad Nayak, K.Pavan Kumar and Prof.V.Diwakar Reddy

23. Signal Passing Dynamic Forwarding By Using Noise Less Regulators

CH.Anil Kumar